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How many companies have you helped so far?

Since 2013 we helped British business over 1500 times with our range of high quality consultancy services and spoken to at least a 1000 Polish companies about buying from the UK.

I have a suggestion regarding this project, who do I talk to?

To find out more about the work of BPCC Trade contact us at

What other markets are involved in this project?

Markets that are starting this process off are: Brazil, China, Mexico, UAE, Thailand, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Singapore, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Poland, Colombia, Malaysia, South Korea, Qatar and Hong Kong, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, Taiwan, Pakistan, Japan and Chile.

Together we make up a powerful new network for British businesses to succeed internationally.

Who are we - the Trade Team?

We are a team of 6 Business Consultants with extensive experience of working in UK and Polish environments. We have specialised experience in particular business sectors (including in manufacturing, consultancy, advisory, legal, food and drink and ICT) and have backgrounds in business policy, business development, consultancies, business incubators and chambers of commerce roles.  We are supported by a team of researchers and external consultants.

Please watch this brief video to find out more: 

What is the difference between UKTI Poland and the BPCC Trade Team?

DIT and the BPCC are two organisations with a long and extensive history of co-operation. Between us, we offer a varied and non-competitive package of products for UK companies at all levels, with DIT beginning to focus more on mid-to-corporate clients in selective sectors and less on small to medium companies.  3 of the BPCC Trade Team previously worked in DIT Poland and retain close links with the team there. 
Every business has different needs. Whichever organisation account manages your company’s journey into market, you’ll inevitably need support not just from DIT and BPCC but from other companies too, such as our great chamber members.
Together we are all part of a wider eco-system of support and partnerships available to help British companies enter the Polish market. Our collective job is to get the best of that eco-system to support British companies.

What products does the BPCC Trade team offer?

To find out more about our services, click here.

What are the benefits for the Chamber members?

Like any chamber, our greatest strength is our ability to network businesses, whether  at events, on our extensive web presence, through our range of regional offices or in this new trade project.
For the chamber overall, this is a chance to reach thousands more businesses in the UK and Poland with an exciting new project that will genuinely influence UK-Polish relations. It means more events, more publicity, more services and more support.
For chamber members offering relevant business to business services, it means the chance to reach new UK customers coming through the project. For example, we have already helped UK exporters access chamber member support in tax and legal, logistics, office rental, translation and market research.

What does this mean for the rest of the BPCC’s activities?

The BPCC remains one of the leading business organisations in Europe, delivering a competitive range of events, networkers, policy groups and member services. There is no change to its structures or services as a result of this project.
Membership to the chamber will continue to offer a wide range of support and benefits including:
  • Direct access to 400 member companies and 200,000 business contacts
  • Innovative B2B media: Contact magazine and Portal
  • Access to director-level commercial and government decision makers
  • First-class networking, certified training and VIP events
  • Simplified registration to events reserved for representatives of member companies
  • Full access to exclusive business content available only to Members
  • Access to BPCC Membership Directory with full contact details
  • Editing your company's entry in Membership Directory
  • Uploading or updating your company's Special Offer for other members
  • Support for importers and exporters from the UK and Poland
  • Customised products, on-demand services and individual offerings

I am a Polish registered company looking to invest in the UK or access finance from the UK. Who helps me?

DIT runs an international programme for Polish companies looking to invest in the UK. The programme helps hundreds of companies each year with information and
detailed  support for entering the UK market.

For more information contact

I am a Polish registered company looking to find out more about the benefits of BPCC membership

The new trade project is just a new part of a wider pack of services and support that your BPCC team can offer you. For more information on the extensive events, networkers, policy groups, media support and members services that the BPCC offers, please contact

I am a UK company looking for high level strategic trade support. Who helps me?

Some companies need access to government and high-level support in a way that SMEs don’t always need to worry about that. It could be regarding a specific business regulation that affects your company and other UK companies in-market, or about resolving a legal or fraud issue.
Whatever your need, we’d encourage you to think about utilising the support of the British Government’s Department for International Trade, based in the British Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. DIT have a range of products and services for strategic companies in the mid to corporate range designed with their unique access and ability to engage and influence in mind – so contact
BPCC membership might also be critical to you, too. The BPCC Policy team have 11 policy groups with a minimum of an event a quarter on a burning issue in your sector. This is your chance to raise your business issue direct with critical decision makers, so for more information on how your business can benefit, please contact

My company offers a business service that helps UK exporters, what role can I play?

To find out more please contact us at and describe your enquiry. 

Do I have to be a Chamber member to receive BPCC Trade support?

No, our services are available for every UK registered company.

I’d like to do an event in my region with the BPCC. Is that possible with BPCC Trade?

If your event would help us understand the UK’s potential in a particular sector, or help us support specific UK companies, then we’d love to see how we can help you do that. Contact